Art Madrid'23 – Willy Ramos

Willy Ramos | Otoño

Willy Ramos

Otoño, 2015

Oil on canvas

114 x 146 cm

Galería Espiral

Noja, España

Programa General A25


about Willy Ramos

Pueblo Bello, (Colombia), 1954

Bachelor, Doctor Cum Laude and Professor of Fine Arts from the University of Valencia. Ramos has shown his works in more than two hundred individual and collective exhibitions in galleries in Spain, the U.S.A, Canada, Colombia, Italy, Germany and Ireland as well as other countries. Displayed works can be seen in the Museum Salvador Allende de Chile, Museum Valledupar of Colombia, the collection of Banco de la Republica of Bogotá and the collection of the University Nacional Autónoma of Mexico D.F. As well as in the collections of the Caja Rural of Murcia, Caja Murcia, Foundation Cultural de la CAM, the foundation of Arte L´Oreal, Foundation Bancaja, Ministry of Economia y Hacienda, Foundation Cubiertas y Mzov and among other museums and prestigious collections. Main last exhibitions: “Nabusimake” curated by Robert C. Morgan, “Un Mundo Luminoso” curated by Juan Manuel Bonet, “La memoria del colour” curated by Eduardo Alcalde, and “Ariguaní” curated by Carmen Ramos.

about the artist's works

Willy Ramos paints his ideas through the wonder of nature, and he does it with the use of vibrant colours, whether it be oil, watercolour, graphite or charcoal. He evokes beauty in his paintings. They are light, buoyant, absorbent, and contagious. They are paintings that we want to see and enjoy over and over. Like the first chord of flamenco, we feel the pulse of his sympathetic vision, the lightness of his stroke. We feel immediate sensory contact with his tactile surfaces. Whether Ramos paints the figure, a bouquet, a bustling cityscape, or an abstract composition, his colours are vibrant, his brushstrokes are deliberate, and his light is pervasive.” His sculptures inspired by women, his throbbing landscapes and his cities will captivate you.

Willy Ramos 's works

Willy Ramos | Jardín botánico

Willy Ramos

Jardín botánico, 2014

Oil on canvas

100 x 81 cm

Willy Ramos | Perfume Rojo

Willy Ramos

Perfume Rojo, 2015

Tinta china y acuarela/papel

56 x 76 cm

Willy Ramos | Turquesa

Willy Ramos

Turquesa, 2014

Oil on canvas

81 x 100 cm

Willy Ramos | Mariposas y cactus

Willy Ramos

Mariposas y cactus, 2021

Hierro pintado

53 x 33 x 17 cm

Willy Ramos | Jardín con mariposas

Willy Ramos

Jardín con mariposas, 2021

Hierro pintado

40 x 35 x 15 cm

Featured works

David Delgado Ruiz | Life In Mars. Starship Crash

David Delgado Ruiz

Life In Mars. Starship Crash, 2021

Fotografía Analógica y Digital, Impresión Certificada en Papel Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Ultra Smooth 305 gsm · 100% Cotton. Museum Standard Cotton Paper.

50 x 50 cm

Juana González | Abrazo

Juana González

Abrazo, 2021

Oil on canvas

110 x 90 cm

Juan Genovés | Acuden

Juan Genovés

Acuden, 2017

Obra gráfica muy intervenida a mano por el artista. Ed de 10

74 x 60 cm