Yvonne Michiels

Yvonne Michiels | Streets of London

Yvonne Michiels

Streets of London, 2019

Fotografía sobre dibond con edición de plexiglás

100 x 100 cm

about Yvonne Michiels

Eindhoven, 1966

Art has always been an essential part of Yvonne Michiels, starting with drawings on paper, she trained as a multidisciplinary artist, whose works also included acrylic on canvas, mixed media, wood sculptures and photographic art. Yvonne Michiels' photographs have been exhibited worldwide, including London, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Milan, New York, Miami and Istanbul.

Yvonne Michiels tells personal stories about vulnerability, beauty, emotions and mortality. She uses topical examples from modern society. The result is an innovative aesthetic that is not only fascinating, but also moving. His works are characterized by the unusual techniques he uses. As a result, they are surprising, continually reveal new dimensions and bear a very personal stamp.

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