Amélie Ducommun participating

Amélie Ducommun

Barcelona, 1983

Amélie Ducommun is a Franco-Swiss painter graduated in Decorative Arts in Paris and the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona. The work of Ducommun has been exhibited in more than 60 samples from different countries, including France, Spain, the United States, China, Italy, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Portugal, United Kingdom, among others. Ducommun almost always paints the nature that captivates her. The origin of her work lies mainly in questioning the memory, the perception of the landscape ...

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Rodrigo Juarranz

Programa General

Artist's works

Amélie Ducommun | UM#10

Amélie Ducommun

UM#10, 2017

Técnica mixta sobre lienzo

195 x 130 cm


Amélie Ducommun | UM#19

Amélie Ducommun

UM#19, 2017

Técnica mixta sobre lienzo

61 x 50 cm


Amélie Ducommun | UM#24

Amélie Ducommun

UM#24, 2017

Técnica mixta sobre lienzo

41 x 33 cm


Amélie Ducommun | UM#21

Amélie Ducommun

UM#21, 2017

Técnica mixta sobre lienzo

55 x 46 cm


Amélie Ducommun | UM#32

Amélie Ducommun

UM#32, 2017

Técnica mixta sobre lienzo

100 x 100 cm