Art Madrid'24 – Ana Monsó

Ana Monsó

Barcelona, 1998

Her work is an ode to latent childlike innocence, which was once so well known to all of us. An ode to the joyful inner child we all carry within. Innocence, naivety, curiosity, adventure, purity and joy. Ana tries to reinterpret the world without rules and without limits, as a child would before social judgment and established norms are imposed. An exploration of the abandonment of formal structure. Bringing the inner artist to the surface and promoting unbridled creativity by limitations, Anne’s work is both innocent and slightly absurd and incoherent. Ana defines herself as an emerging multidisciplinary artist whose practice transmits a spontaneous and emotional spirit, inspired by the memories of her childhood. Ana studied Art and Design in Cambridge and soon after Fashion Design at the University of Arts in London.

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Pigment Gallery

Programa General

Artist's works

Ana Monsó | All I wanna hear

Ana Monsó

All I wanna hear, 2023

Acrílicos, pasteles, lápices, rotuladores, spray sobre lienzo

200 x 167 cm