Art Madrid'24 – Belén Gonzalo Arroyo

Belén Gonzalo Arroyo

Madrid, 1970

Belén Gonzalo Arroyo is a Spanish painter and writer. He completed his studies in painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Madrid in 1992. Throughout his artistic career she exhibited her works individually in art galleries and institutions, and art fairs like Estampa in Sapin and in the United States. Her plastic work is deeply linked to her literary side that has been reflected in several poetry books. She understands painting as an event, as something alive that is generated in the emptiness of the white background, or in the nakedness of the canvas. During the creative process, all her attention goes to the gestures of the stroke - that cannot be amended - tackling the execution of the picture from a horizontal position, circulating freely around it without prior sketches. Her main goal is “To capture the ungraspable, to suggest, to leave suspended.” Later , when the piece is dry, she becomes a spectator of her work placing it in a vertical position and that is when “I play to find a title, I become a words-searching spectator; these are a bridge between emotions and reason.”

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