La Caridad (Asturias), 1945

Herminio's restless mind is initially interested in mechanical research and, from there, he establishes a link between science and art, geometry and space, materials and gravity. The main element of his production is the distinctive use of magnets, which keeps his works suspended in space in sculptural installations that exude magic and fascination. Herminio experiments with a variety of materials such as wood of different textures, glass, methacrylate or aluminum to create, from delicate small-format compositions to large public sculptures. With a palette almost completely reduced to black, white and red, Herminio's pieces generate their own habitat and a magnetic atmosphere of minimalist, suprematist and kinetic world influences.

This artist exhibits in the following galleries

Aurora Vigil-Escalera

Programa General

Artist's works

Herminio | R.55


R.55, 2018

Madera lacada, hilo, metal y campos magnéticos

4 x 60 x 27 cm

Herminio | K.28


K.28, 2022

Campos magnéticos

120 x 30 x 8 cm

Herminio | R.60


R.60, 2018

Aluminio lacado y campos magnéticos

217 x 12 x 70 cm

Herminio | S1


S1, 2020

Madera y campos magnéticos

26 x 12 x 8 cm


Herminio | R.51


R.51, 2018

DM lacado, metal, hilo, campos magénticos y metacrilato

71 x 51 x 23 cm

Herminio | R.53


R.53, 2018

Madera lacada, hilo, metacrilato y campos magnéticos

92 x 202 x 30 cm

Herminio | P.85


P.85, 2016

Mixta y campos magnéticos

19 x 45 x 10 cm