Art Madrid'23 – José Ramón Lozano

José Ramón Lozano

Ceuta, 1983

José Ramón Lozano received a BA in Fine Arts from the Granada University. The artist José Ramón Lozano began to paint when he finished his degree. He has treated several topics along his artistic career, however, he thinks that his portraits are his speciality because, in his own words, “I can convey more of my work to the public”. José Ramón Lozano achieves what only a few realistic painters do: he creates a dependent relationship with his artwork and a powerful connection with the spectator. He was awarded the First Young Artist Award in painting and engraving, in Malaga, 2009 and the Honourable Mention at Alonso Cano's Prizes and at the Ramon Portillo Painting Award in 2011.

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