Art Madrid'23 – Marc Gonz

Marc Gonz

Barcelona, 1973

The works of Marc Gonz through matter and color present us with a distorted version of reality. The brutality and density of the brushstrokes show us a visceral work, vibrant at times grotesque and primal, but at the same time expressing deep emotions, which refer us to the ancestral, the spiritual, going to the essence without artifice, an excavation of the soul. With a mixture of abstraction and expressionism, they create a transformation of the human form, where its meaning is transcended. All this gives us an idea of ​​its complexity and leads us down the path of the depths of the unconscious. The artist himself makes his own paintings, achieving a technique of impasto in which he recreates the density of the paint, molding large overflowing pictorial masses. The volume of the brushstrokes makes the works almost sculptural, creating microcosms that adopt their own identity.

This artist exhibits in the following galleries

Galería Uxval Gochez

Programa General