Art Madrid'24 – Nanda Botella

Nanda Botella

Valencia, 1960

Nanda Botella's artworks combine the sign and the scribble, the writing and the stain of colour, a collage of memories and dreams, both in the pieces in which literally objects appear interwoven with writing and fragments of fabric until the installation of the angels.

This artist invites us to enter, from the paintings to the installations, in an area of special luminosity, arising from an intense experimental purpose. Nanda has participated in several solo and group exhibitions in Spain, Switzerland, Italy and Cuba. Some of them are the “Antropóceno” exhibition at the IVAM, Valencia, “Otras Meninas” at La Aduana, Barranquilla, Colombia, Biennal La Habana, etc.

This artist exhibits in the following galleries

Shiras Galería

Programa General

Artist's works

Nanda Botella | Pipeline cerámica blanca

Nanda Botella

Pipeline cerámica blanca, 2023

Composición mixta: cerámica esmaltada y pintada sobre lino, con cuerda de palomar y alambre

51 x 41 x 13 cm

Nanda Botella | Pipeline blanco

Nanda Botella

Pipeline blanco, 2023

Técnica acrílica sobre papel de alto gramaje enmarcado

102 x 140 cm

Nanda Botella | Pipeline rojo

Nanda Botella

Pipeline rojo, 2023

Técnica acrílica sobre papel de alto gramaje enmarcado

112 x 89 cm