Richard Stipl

Richard Stipl

Sternberk (República Checa), 1968

Richard Stipl graduated from the Ontario College of Art in Toronto. Working initially as a painter, Stipl has recently turned to making sculpture. Using himself as a model, Richard focuses exhaustively on the indefinite nature and moment-to-moment paradoxes inherent in the act of continuously recreating oneself throughout the course of a lifetime. Characteristically, Stipl’s paintings and sculptural works alike force us to reconsider the role of boundaries and consequent categories of choice that comprise contemporary attitudes and approaches to art-making and art-consumption.

Considered an exceptional talent in technical terms, Richard stands apart from his contemporaries through his uncanny ability to breathe a vital and invigorating “life force” into his art works, regardless of media.

Stipl has exhibited in Toronto, Montreal, New York, Miami, Berlin, Los Angeles, Madrid, Stuttgart, and the Czech Republic, and is included in many important public and private collections worldwide.

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3 Punts Galeria

Programa General

Artist's works

Richard Stipl | As above so below

Richard Stipl

As above so below, 2017

Gesso papel de plata, papel de oro y óleo sobre madera

39 x 25 cm

Richard Stipl | Resonance

Richard Stipl

Resonance, 2019

Arcilla y metal

53 x 24 x 20 cm

Richard Stipl | Miracle

Richard Stipl

Miracle, 2018

Gesso papel de plata y spray sobre madera de tilo

32 x 20 cm

Richard Stipl | Noah Arch

Richard Stipl

Noah Arch, 2018

Pigmento sobre madera

34 x 15 cm