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Francesca Poza

Mataró, 1965

Trained in the workshops of artists Jordi Ayné, Jaume Arenas, and Guerau Calabria, she specializes in Printmaking and Pastel. She pursued Graphic Design studies at Massana in Barcelona. In 2012/2013, she took a blacksmithing course at the Rectoría de Sant Pere de Vilamajor and a silicone and resin mold course at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona. In 2010/2011, she participated in monographic workshops on experimental printmaking at the contemporary art center Rectoría de Sant Pere de Vilamajor. For four years, she was a printmaking teacher at the workshop of engraver Roser Sales, currently running her own workshop, Deep edicions. She has conducted courses and workshops at Escola Deià and the Catalan Association "LA LLAR" for people affected by E.M. She is one of the founders of the artist group GAP and, since 2011, a member of the graphic art collective Impresions de Barcelona, as well as a member of the Maresmart artist group in Mataró. She is the founder of Deep Edicions.

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