Marta Sánchez Luengo, works on sale

Marta Sánchez Luengo

Madrid, 1972

The most remarkable about her work is her scope of the human being through different realities. The study of the human figure and its context play the same role on her sculptures. The creation and use of scene is always constant on her work, and it becomes the canvas for referring about the complexity of the circumstances the human being is involved, integrating social-urban with intimate-personal life. She was graduated in Arts specialize in sculpture at Complutense University in Madrid. Since then, she has been developing her career with exhibitions in galleries, public entities and contemporary Art Fairs, both in Spain and abroad.

Her work has been awarded in a variety of national contests, underlining her monumental sculpture Project “Se hace camino al andar”. Her artistic production is in public and private collections: Lease Plan Services, E2 IN2 S.A, Museum of the Spanish National Blind Organization - ONCE, Cathedral of León Museum, the Egyptian Embassy in Madrid, or town councils of Ceutí, Majadahonda, or Las Rozas de Madrid, where recently was instaled her work “Campo de las decisiones”.

Artist's works

Marta Sánchez Luengo | Regreso a Kapoor

Marta Sánchez Luengo

Regreso a Kapoor, 2017

Bronce, resina, material sintético y hierro

54 x 54 x 90 cm


Marta Sánchez Luengo | De camino

Marta Sánchez Luengo


De camino, 2013

Bronce, transfer y hierro

25 x 75 x 23 cm


Marta Sánchez Luengo | En silencio

Marta Sánchez Luengo


En silencio, 2016

Bronze and iron

55 x 130 x 17 cm


Marta Sánchez Luengo | Círculo: recta de radio infinito

Marta Sánchez Luengo

Círculo: recta de radio infinito, 2015

Bronze and iron

100 x 100 x 10 cm


Marta Sánchez Luengo | Llegará

Marta Sánchez Luengo

Llegará, 2016

Bronze and iron

102 x 121 x 32 cm


Marta Sánchez Luengo | En lo alto I

Marta Sánchez Luengo

En lo alto I, 2015

Bronze and iron

172 x 70 x 30 cm