Moisés Yagües, works on sale

Moisés Yagües

Murcia, 1972

«Telling stories is an essential activity for the human being. I do it through drawings and paintings. I try to tell stories that communicate with those who observe them and invite them to be transported to different spaces, without greater sound in their form and aesthetics. Over the years I have developed my own way of expressing ideas through a type of personal figuration where I have enriched myself with various influences. A world of unique characters that despite their schematics give off tenderness and kindness. I consider my style to be simple, defined, fresh and harmonious as a whole. I admit being influenced by comics, by illustration (Saul Steimber, Tomi Ungerer, Isidro Ferrer, Fernando Khran, Quino, El Roto, Mordillo), by the work of Dubuffet, Fraile, Philip Guston; and also by some street artists like Basquiat or Keith Haring, a very free art, just like when children create ».

Moisés Yagües has shown his work in contemporary art fairs such as ArtMadrid, JustMad and Estampa (Spain), Chaco (Chile), Artelisboa (Portugal), AAF Hamburg / London / Brussels, among others. He has exhibited in galleries in Spain, Germany, the US and Japan. His work has received various awards such as the 1st Prize for Young Creators of the National Calcography, the Corzón Prize at the XVI National Prizes for Engraving in Marbella, the 2nd International Carmen Arozena Prize, among others. His work has been selected for biennials such as XXVIII Biennial of Graphic Art of Ljublljana (Slovenia), IEEB5 of Bucharest (Romania), Münsterlandfestival pArt.3 Lüdinghausen (Germany), among others.

Featured works

Soledad Córdoba | Rito VII

Soledad Córdoba

Rito VII, 2019


100 x 150 cm

Isabela Puga | M_CB_01

Isabela Puga

M_CB_01, 2022

Técnica mixta y oro de 22 kt sobre madera

180 x 180 cm


Carmen Pastrana | Nicethingtos

Carmen Pastrana

Nicethingtos, 2019

Lápiz y acrílico sobre papel

51 x 50 cm


Chema Madoz | Sin título (Tacón)

Chema Madoz

Sin título (Tacón), 2006

Fotografía en blanco y negro sobre papel baritado virado al sulfuro

60 x 50 cm

Diego Benéitez | Lo que me habla de ti

Diego Benéitez

Lo que me habla de ti, 2020

Oil on board

120 x 150 cm