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Rafa Macarrón

Madrid, 1981

Rafa Macarron is considered one of the contemporary artists with the greatest international projection. A self-taught creator yet well-versed in Art History, his work and iconic characters have inherited a rich pictorial tradition in which Picasso is king. Among the many masters he takes inspiration from are Dubuffet, Duchamp, Fraile, Barjola, as well as pop culture, street art and his observations of everyday life and his own feelings. He possesses a strongly personal style with which he has built a dream-like world of his own, characterized by strong chromaticisms, the presence of figures with hydrocephalus and filiform extremities, as well as unique characters who claim the protagonism of each work, wandering through landscapes, beaches and even outer space. Despite their unusual appereance, these expresive characters never fail to connect with their audience and inspire humor and tenderness.

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Rafa Macarrón | ST

Rafa Macarrón

ST, 2019

Mixta sobre lienzo con detalles tridimensionales

183 x 183 cm

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