Angela Glajcar

Angela Glajcar | 2018-034

Angela Glajcar

2018-034, 2018


Papel 350 g, rasgado, soporte de metal y plástico

30 x 25 x 18.5 cm

Marita Segovia

Madrid, España

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about Angela Glajcar

Mainz (Alemania), 1970

Angela Glajcar is a German sculptor who works with plastic and paper and creates works that play with the space between material and vacuum. It perforates sets of sheets of paper creating a strong sculptural presence that floats freely in space or rests on the plane. Glajcar studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg, of which she later became a professor. During the last years, she has received numerous recognitions, such as ZONTA Art Prize, Phoenix Art Prize and Regionale 2010 Wilhelm-Hack-Museum.

about the artist's works

My work, in general, is about exploring how space is experienced. "Terforation“ is a term I established by myself. It partly stems from perforation, that is, the perforation of hollow or flat objects. It also refers to terra, the Latin word for earth. It alludes to the term terra incognita (unknown land; figurative: new land) to indicate that my work is about exploring unknown regions. For terra incognita hints at a vague idea, the supposition of knowledge as yet not definable. The object refusing to be defined more clearly is the shape, the space created by the horizontal layering of sheets of paper with holes in them. To draw the viewer’s attention to this interstice, this void, it is never possible to look straight through the works, because the holes are positioned such that the hollow stretch into the unknown.

Angela Glajcar's works

Angela Glajcar | 2017-009

Angela Glajcar

2017-009, 2017

200g de papel, rasgado, soporte de metal y plástico

134 x 217 x 28 cm


Angela Glajcar | 2016-037

Angela Glajcar

2016-037, 2016

Papel 200 g (blanco claro), rasgado, atornillado, pegado, soporte de madera y metal, enmarcado

90 x 110 x 20 cm


Angela Glajcar | 2015-019

Angela Glajcar

2015-019, 2015

300 g de papel (blanco brillante), rasgado, soporte metal

120 x 360 x 50 cm


Angela Glajcar | 2017-023

Angela Glajcar

2017-023, 2017

"Papel 200 g (blanco claro), rasgado, atornillado, encolada"

85 x 72 x 17 cm


Angela Glajcar | 2018-024

Angela Glajcar

2018-024, 2018

Papel 350g, tinta, rasgada, pegada, Soporte de metal y plástico.

71 x 46 x 39 cm