Diego Canogar

Diego Canogar | Enroscada Ciprés

Diego Canogar

Enroscada Ciprés, 2021


Hierro soldado y pintado

183 x 59 x 45 cm

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about Diego Canogar

Madrid, 1966

The sculptor Diego Canogar, graduated in Fine Arts at the University Complutense of Madrid, treats his artworks as three-dimensional drawings. The technique, the materials that he uses and the light are the elements that give colour to his pieces, while he focuses on shaping them. Nature and geometry are his main inspiration. Diego Canogar has also worked engraving, with delicate pieces that remember the nature and geometric motif of his sculpture. Throughout his career, he has made more than 20 solo exhibitions and more than 120 national and international collective shows.

Diego Canogar 's works

Diego Canogar | Enlaces

Diego Canogar

Enlaces, 2018

Hierro soldado y patinado en óxido

61 x 45 x 22 cm


Diego Canogar | Grutas

Diego Canogar

Grutas, 2009

Hierro soldado y patinado

80 x 120 x 16 cm


Diego Canogar | Pequeña enroscada tornasol

Diego Canogar

Pequeña enroscada tornasol, 2021

Painted iron

39 x 26 x 13 cm


Diego Canogar | Tetramorfo IV

Diego Canogar

Tetramorfo IV, 2014

Acero cortén

164 x 105 x 75 cm

Diego Canogar | biforma 14 N

Diego Canogar

biforma 14 N, 2020

Hierro soldado y pintado

34 x 50 x 37 cm


Diego Canogar | Estructura enroscada

Diego Canogar

Estructura enroscada, 2005

Hierro soldado y patinado

78 x 42 x 40 cm


Diego Canogar | 24 espacios

Diego Canogar

24 espacios, 2018

Hierro soldado y pintado

66 x 63 x 3 cm


Diego Canogar | Enroscada 5 puntas y pico

Diego Canogar

Enroscada 5 puntas y pico, 2021

Painted iron

30 x 32 x 32 cm


Diego Canogar | Enroscada biforma nacarada

Diego Canogar

Enroscada biforma nacarada, 2021

Painted iron

51 x 46 x 17 cm


Diego Canogar | Tetramorfo Extendido 30N

Diego Canogar

Tetramorfo Extendido 30N, 2021

Bronce patinado

43 x 37 x 10 cm


Diego Canogar | Pequeña enroscada azul 4 puntas

Diego Canogar

Pequeña enroscada azul 4 puntas, 2021

Painted iron

26 x 26 x 15 cm


Diego Canogar | Enroscada 5 puntas

Diego Canogar

Enroscada 5 puntas, 2021

Painted iron

27 x 27 x 35 cm


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Soledad Córdoba | Rito VII

Soledad Córdoba

Rito VII, 2019


100 x 150 cm

Isabela Puga | M_CB_01

Isabela Puga

M_CB_01, 2022

Técnica mixta y oro de 22 kt sobre madera

180 x 180 cm


Carmen Pastrana | Nicethingtos

Carmen Pastrana

Nicethingtos, 2019

Lápiz y acrílico sobre papel

51 x 50 cm


Chema Madoz | Sin título (Tacón)

Chema Madoz

Sin título (Tacón), 2006

Fotografía en blanco y negro sobre papel baritado virado al sulfuro

60 x 50 cm

Diego Benéitez | Lo que me habla de ti

Diego Benéitez

Lo que me habla de ti, 2020

Oil on board

120 x 150 cm