Angela Glajcar

Angela Glajcar

Angela Glajcar | Terforation,hellweiß,

Angela Glajcar

Terforation,hellweiß,, 2015

13 Blatt roto y soporte de metal y plástico

63 x 48 x 21 cm

Marita Segovia

Madrid, España



Angela Glajcar

Mainz (Alemania), 1970

Angela Glajcar is a German sculptor who works with plastic and paper and creates works that play with the space between material and vacuum. It perforates sets of sheets of paper creating a strong sculptural presence that floats freely in space or rests on the plane. Glajcar studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg, of which she later became a professor. During the last years, she has received numerous recognitions, such as ZONTA Art Prize, Phoenix Art Prize and Regionale 2010 ...

Artist's works

Angela Glajcar | Terforation 007

Angela Glajcar

Terforation 007, 2017

Papel 200g roto y soporte de metal y plástico

30 x 22 x 19 cm

Angela Glajcar | Terforation 023

Angela Glajcar

Terforation 023, 2017

Papel 200g roto y soporte de metal y plástico

58 x 38 x 19 cm

Angela Glajcar | Terforation 065

Angela Glajcar

Terforation 065, 2014

Papel 500g roto y soporte de metal y plástico

55 x 75 x 12 cm

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