Art Madrid'24 – María Aranguren

María Aranguren

Madrid, 1961

Painting is the engine of María Aranguren's artistic and vital development in the search for forms of visual communication that respond to her desires and where she faces new challenges. The substantial elements she handles are composition, colour, the presence of light, geometry and chance. He investigates the plastic field of colours, pigments, shapes, transparencies, glazes and sheens, delving into the very fact of painting, proceeding with restraint when working analytically, cautiously testing the possibilities that he develops through a series of works. In his latest works, he investigates industrial materials, cellular polycarbonates, methacrylates and recycled plastics. They are markedly geometric works, in which he is especially interested in light and composition, in which controllable factors intervene (colour, density, simple shapes, collage, etc.) and uncontrollable factors (colour mixtures inside the channels, drained, accidents, etc.), which lead to discoveries.