Carla María Bellido de Luna

Carla María Bellido de Luna | Archivos Pasivos

Carla María Bellido de Luna

Archivos Pasivos, 2016

Oil on canvas

150 x 150 cm

Alterna Studio

La Habana, Cuba


Carla María Bellido de Luna

La Habana (Cuba), 1988

Carla Maria Bellido de Luna graduated in Fine Arts from the National Academy of Fine Arts of San Alejandro, Havana. In addition, in 2016, she graduated from the Higher Institute of Art of Cuba. Bellido is interested in exposing how constructed can be notions such as subjectivity, imagination, criteria of truth and attitudes that are assumed as human beings and artists.

Stands out her solo exhibition “Sistémica” at Villa Manuela or the group shows ”Esto es lo que hay” with La Acacia Gallery, “Sin oficio ni beneficio” with La Moderna Gallery or Altamira at Espacio Altamira, among others.

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