Cristina Iturrioz

Cristina Iturrioz | Mujer

Cristina Iturrioz

Mujer, 2018

Ceramic and paint

14 x 22 x 30 cm


Cristina Iturrioz


The artistic beginnings of Cristina Iturrioz were oriented towards drawing, graphic design and figurative painting. Her training led to Entrepreneurship and Tax Law, however, plastic creativity did not leave her for a single moment. She has learned to observe, to contemplate the work of art slowly, to educate the look thanks to good artists. The work of Iturrioz is found in collections, including the Museum of Contemporary Art Arzuaga, Museum of Drawing of the Castle of Larrés in Huesca, Mayte Spinola Museum of Contemporary Art of Jaén, Rabobank Collection or the Chivite Collection.

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