Jezabel Rodríguez

Jezabel Rodríguez | S.T.

Jezabel Rodríguez

S.T., 2017

Acrílico sobre lienzo

150 x 100 cm

Arancha Osoro

Oviedo, España



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Jezabel Rodríguez

Oviedo, 1977

Jezabel studied in Workshop 3 and at the Oviedo Art College. Part of her solo work is exhibited at the Municipal House of Culture of Avilés, at Dasto Gallery or at the Borrón Room in Oviedo. Jezabel got the Painting Prize of “La Junta del Principado de Asturias”, among others. In 2016, participates in the exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts of Asturias "Arte Contemporáneo en el Museo de Bellas Artes de Asturias, últimas generaciones", he was the third prize in the Contest of Casimiro Baragaña ...

Artist's works

Jezabel Rodríguez | S.T.

Jezabel Rodríguez

S.T., 2017

Acrílico sobre lienzo

60 x 80 cm


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