Art Madrid'24 – Mária Švarbová – Red Pool, Symmetry (2017)

Mária Švarbová | Red Pool, Symmetry

Mária Švarbová

Red Pool, Symmetry, 2017

Digital print on paper

90 x 90 cm

Galería BAT alberto cornejo

Madrid, España

Programa General B13


about Mária Švarbová

Zlaté Moravce, Eslovaquia, 1988

Mária Svarbová has a background in restoration and archaeology, photography is the medium through which she develops her most artistic side. From 2010 to the present day, she has gained considerable international recognition, establishing herself as a leading figure in the field of contemporary photography.

Among the numerous awards that the Slovak photographer has received, the Hasselblad Masters Award stands out, as well as collaborating with renowned publications such as Vogue, Forbes, CNN and The Guardian.

Mária Svarbová is characterised by a style that allows her to transport viewers to a future reminiscent of retro, where architecture and space are the protagonists. Detail and symmetry are fundamental aspects of her work, her most recognised series being "Swimming Pools", which reflects a post-modern vision that challenges the viewer with the concepts of mystery, solitude and humanity present in her compositions.

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Big Group, Girl Power, 2018

Digital print on paper

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