Art Madrid'23 – Mária Švarbová

Mária Švarbová | The Tribune, Chill

Mária Švarbová

The Tribune, Chill, 2016

Digital print on paper

50 x 50 cm

Galería BAT alberto cornejo

Madrid, España

Programa General B13


about Mária Švarbová

Eslovaquia, 1988

The photographer Mária Švarbová studied restoration and archaeology. She continued to grow artistically, reaching great international recognition. Mária is represented in prestigious galleries in the United States, France and now in Spain and has worked for high impact magazines such as Vogue, Forbes or The Guardian. In addition, she has granted important awards, among which we can highlight the Hasselblad Master 2018. Her works, with her clean and direct style, not only show to us the human figure but also capture the sense of the psychology of the subject. Mária moves away from the traditional portrait and focuses on experimenting with space, colour and atmosphere. She has participated in many art fairs and exhibitions from all over the world such as Mexico, Paris, Prague, Bratislava, among others.

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