Martín Carral

Martín Carral

Martín Carral | Totem arquitectura vertical II

Martín Carral

Totem arquitectura vertical II, 2010

Madera, acero corten y óleo

141 x 32 x 27 cm

MH Art Gallery

Bilbao, España



Martín Carral

Cantabria, 1959

The painter and sculptor Martín Carral studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. Carral has been painting gravitational waves for many years, an expanding universe of abyssal or sidereal pits, from the underground to the extraterrestrial.

Carral has shown his artworks especially in Cantabria and Catalonia, where he lives, but also in Slovenia, France, Portugal, Morocco. He is a regular at the main art fairs such as Arco and Arte Santander. Part of his artworks is found in museums and co ...

Artist's works

Martín Carral | Arquitectura concéntrica

Martín Carral

Arquitectura concéntrica, 2014

Óleo, grafito y tela

47 x 55 cm

Martín Carral | Tránsito urbano IV

Martín Carral

Tránsito urbano IV, 2016

Óleo y transfer sobre lienzo

50 x 50 cm

Martín Carral | Tránsito urbano I

Martín Carral

Tránsito urbano I, 2016

Óleo y transfer sobre lienzo

189 x 200 cm

Martín Carral | Tránsito urbano II

Martín Carral

Tránsito urbano II, 2016

Óleo y transfer sobre lienzo

50 x 50 cm

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Antonyo Marest

Euclid, 2018

Esmalte en spray sobre madera

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Pierre Louis Geldenhuys | Espiral Orgánica

Pierre Louis Geldenhuys

Espiral Orgánica, 2017

Teselación y seda salvaje en caja de luz

90 x 90 cm

Sylvie Lei | Dimensional Sequence

Sylvie Lei

Dimensional Sequence, 2017

Óleo sobre lienzo

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Reinhard Görner | Open Space

Reinhard Görner

Open Space, 2014


127 x 141.7 cm

Leticia Felgueroso | Mesa con copas

Leticia Felgueroso

Mesa con copas, 2018

Fotografía y gelatina de plata

60 x 60 cm

Vânia Medeiros | Intuição

Vânia Medeiros

Intuição, 2016

Pigmentos sobre papel

42 x 60 cm

L'homme Jaune | Washing

L'homme Jaune

Washing, 2017

Acrílico sobre lienzo

100 x 100 cm

Joo Eun Bae | Sanguiun V

Joo Eun Bae

Sanguiun V, 2017

Técnica mixta, cartón, papel coreano, tierra, pigmentos y tinta sobre madera

100 x 100 cm