Art Madrid'23 – Marcos Tamargo

Marcos Tamargo

Gijón, (Asturias), 1982

Marcos Tamargo is a painter who develops his artistic activity between the United States and Europe. Tamargo has a Degree in Business Studies from the University of Oviedo. His work can be seen in prestigious galleries and museums of Canada, USA, Germany and Spain. He uses a special paint, a luminescent paint, which offers an interesting and unusual dimension for the observer: the Black Light. The colour can be seen or not depending on the light projected on them. The human eye is not able to appreciate the existence of colour, only the black light reveals the true motive of the work.

This artist exhibits in the following galleries

Artist's works

Marcos Tamargo | Rojo cadmio y cuerda

Marcos Tamargo

Rojo cadmio y cuerda, 2022

Mixta sobre tabla

100 x 100 cm

Marcos Tamargo | Café

Marcos Tamargo

Café, 2022

Mixed media on paper

60 x 90 cm

Marcos Tamargo | La noche

Marcos Tamargo

La noche, 2021

Move Art (mixta sobre tabla)

24 x 36 cm

Marcos Tamargo | De la pintura al cielo

Marcos Tamargo

De la pintura al cielo, 2022

Mixed media on board

100 x 100 cm