Art Madrid'23 – Moisés Yagües

Moisés Yagües

Murcia, 1972

Educated as a self-taught artist, Moisés Yagües is a professor of art education in Murcia, a job he combines with art. He has exhibited his work in galleries and museums in different cities around the world such as New Mexico, China, Germany, Slovenia, Barcelona, Madrid... and has received several awards. He tries to express his imaginary world, internal affairs, minimal stories, small individual oddities that he tries to defend against so many common places. As for symbolism, he often repeats the shape of the head. It is an element that motivates him and suggests many ideas, because, after all, the head is the place where those little stories live, full of corners where to hide ideas, desires and other secrets. The works have many meanings and it is the spectator who brings a different look that enriches or impoverishes the meaning with his assessment.