Aurora Vigil-Escalera

Aurora Vigil-Escalera

Gijón, España

Since openeding its doors in 2015, Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery has worked with a firm purpose: to be a space for the exhibition, dissemination and promotion of contemporary plastic art in its most diverse manifestations and sensibilities. Making its own the legacy and the professional experience accumulated in the 30 years of intense activity at Van Dyck Art Space, the gallery has consolidated with enthusiasm and rigor a project dedicated to innovation and constant modernization in which there is room for the great masters of contemporary Spanish art (Luis Gordillo, Juan Genovés, Luis Feito, Chema Madoz or Isabel Muñoz), artists in full creative maturity of great national and international projection (Ismael Lagares, Dionisio González, Rosa Brun, Mario Soria...) and creators who are beginning to stand out in any discipline, language and trend (Francisco Mayor Maestre, Alejandra Glez, Iván Quesada, Mico Rabuñal...). Such diverse creators are united by the gallery's motto: "Quality without exclusions". The gallery has extended its work beyond its headquarters in Gijón through a private showroom in the center of Madrid and its participation in the main national and international fairs, as well as its presence in social networks, specialized web platforms such as Artsy, Arteinformado, Red Collectors or its own online shop and explored the possibilities of innovative tools such as 3D virtual tours, augmented reality, etc.

artists of this gallery

works for sale

Rafa Macarrón | ST

Rafa Macarrón

ST, 2019

Mixta sobre lienzo con detalles tridimensionales

183 x 183 cm

Iván Quesada | Peinando a las niñas

Iván Quesada

Peinando a las niñas, 2024

Acrylic on canvas

162 x 130 cm

Jorge Hernández | Lucky Cat

Jorge Hernández

Lucky Cat, 2022

Acrílico y resina sobre tabla

90 x 80 cm