Eva Mauricio

Eva Mauricio

Eva Mauricio | Eva

Eva Mauricio

Eva, 2017

Óleo sobre tabla

15 x 40 cm

Galería Léucade

Murcia, España



Eva Mauricio

Murcia, 1969

In the works of the painter Eva Mauricio, the symbolism of water can be reinterpreted in different ways. Instants that only last a second, like that innocence of childhood in which you enjoy every moment, the water will never be like this again, a moment that will not happen again. Mauricio has been awarded the First Prize of Sculpture in the Regional Contest of Young Artists of Murcia as well as selected in the XVII Prize of Plastic Arts of the University of Murcia. Throughout her career, she h ...

Artist's works

Eva Mauricio | A flote I

Eva Mauricio

A flote I, 2017

Óleo sobre tabla

20 x 20 cm

Eva Mauricio | Ingrávida I

Eva Mauricio

Ingrávida I, 2017

Óleo sobre tabla

20 x 20 cm

Eva Mauricio | Espejismo

Eva Mauricio

Espejismo, 2017

Óleo sobre lienzo

120 x 80 cm

Eva Mauricio | A flote II

Eva Mauricio

A flote II, 2017

Óleo sobre tabla

100 x 71 cm

Eva Mauricio | Náufrago

Eva Mauricio

Náufrago, 2017

Óleo sobre lienzo

110 x 110 cm

Featured works

Antonyo Marest | Euclid

Antonyo Marest

Euclid, 2018

Esmalte en spray sobre madera

60 x 60 cm

Pierre Louis Geldenhuys | Espiral Orgánica

Pierre Louis Geldenhuys

Espiral Orgánica, 2017

Teselación y seda salvaje en caja de luz

90 x 90 cm

Sylvie Lei | Dimensional Sequence

Sylvie Lei

Dimensional Sequence, 2017

Óleo sobre lienzo

70 x 50 cm

Reinhard Görner | Open Space

Reinhard Görner

Open Space, 2014


127 x 141.7 cm

Leticia Felgueroso | Mesa con copas

Leticia Felgueroso

Mesa con copas, 2018

Fotografía y gelatina de plata

60 x 60 cm

Vânia Medeiros | Intuição

Vânia Medeiros

Intuição, 2016

Pigmentos sobre papel

42 x 60 cm

L'homme Jaune | Washing

L'homme Jaune

Washing, 2017

Acrílico sobre lienzo

100 x 100 cm

Joo Eun Bae | Sanguiun V

Joo Eun Bae

Sanguiun V, 2017

Técnica mixta, cartón, papel coreano, tierra, pigmentos y tinta sobre madera

100 x 100 cm