Nacho Angulo

Nacho Angulo

Nacho Angulo | Humus

Nacho Angulo

Humus, 2015

Técnica mixta sobre madera

180 x 122 cm

Galería Espiral

Noja, España



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Nacho Angulo

Madrid, 1952

Using wood as a raw material, Nacho Angulo develops his own language in which texture and form are the essential elements. Through a methodical, slow and careful work, the artist incorporates the plywood to his compositions in a process of successive additions and subtractions, freeing the surfaces and creating a framework according to constructivist criteria.

Angulo's work acquires pictorial resonances characteristic of Informalism, with a wide range of shades defined by the different qualitie ...

Artist's works

Nacho Angulo | Mapa

Nacho Angulo

Mapa, 2016

Técnica mixta sobre madera

100 x 105 cm


Nacho Angulo | Lo profundo es la piel

Nacho Angulo

Lo profundo es la piel, 2016

Técnica mixta sobre madera

116 x 110 cm


Nacho Angulo | Transvaloración 2

Nacho Angulo

Transvaloración 2, 2017

Técnica mixta sobre madera

42 x 62 cm


Nacho Angulo | Summo Loco Natus

Nacho Angulo

Summo Loco Natus, 2017

Técnica mixta sobre madera

42 x 62 cm


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Vânia Medeiros | Intuição

Vânia Medeiros

Intuição, 2016

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L'homme Jaune | Washing

L'homme Jaune

Washing, 2017

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Joo Eun Bae | Sanguiun V

Joo Eun Bae

Sanguiun V, 2017

Técnica mixta, cartón, papel coreano, tierra, pigmentos y tinta sobre madera

100 x 100 cm