Nacho Angulo

Nacho Angulo | Summo Loco Natus

Nacho Angulo

Summo Loco Natus, 2017

Mixed media on wood

42 x 62 cm

Galería Espiral

Noja, España


Nacho Angulo

Madrid, 1952

Using wood as a raw material, Nacho Angulo develops his own language in which texture and form are the essential elements. Through a methodical, slow and careful work, the artist incorporates the plywood to his compositions in a process of successive additions and subtractions, freeing the surfaces and creating a framework according to constructivist criteria. Angulo's work acquires pictorial resonances characteristic of Informalism, with a wide range of shades defined by the different qualities of the wood, by the paint, the varnish and the tail, by the torn gesture, and by the game, attraction-expansion exerted by matter in its final manifestation.

He has exhibited in Spanish galleries such as Jorge Kreisler or Juana Mordó and at Afinsa (Lisbon), Trinidade (Oporto), Artmica (Paris), Isis (New York), Bobinos (Rio de Janeiro), among others. His work has been presented in several editions of ARCO, the Finnish Institute of Madrid, cultural centres of Mexico, ArtMadrid, etc.

Artist's works

Nacho Angulo | Aflora

Nacho Angulo

Aflora, 2018

Técnica mixta en madera

62 x 82 x 5 cm

Nacho Angulo | Esquizos

Nacho Angulo

Esquizos, 2018

Técnica mixta en madera

210 x 122 x 5 cm

Nacho Angulo | Dios no existe todavia

Nacho Angulo

Dios no existe todavia, 2018

Técnica mixta en madera

55 x 177 x 5 cm

Nacho Angulo | Humus

Nacho Angulo

Humus, 2016

Técnica mixta en madera

180 x 122 x 5 cm


Nacho Angulo | Ojo luna rota

Nacho Angulo

Ojo luna rota, 2018

Técnica mixta en madera

101 x 77 x 5 cm

Nacho Angulo | Individuum innefabileest

Nacho Angulo

Individuum innefabileest, 2016

Técnica mixta en madera

100 x 100 x 5 cm

Featured works

Juan Fielitz | Desnudo I

Juan Fielitz

Desnudo I, 2018

Papel Hahnemühle

120 x 74 cm

Lino Lago | Fake Abstract (F. Boucher)

Lino Lago

Fake Abstract (F. Boucher), 2019

Oil on fabric

160 x 150 cm


Manuela Eichner | Googly Eyes

Manuela Eichner

Googly Eyes, 2018

Collage sobre madera

60 x 45 cm


Diego Benéitez | Sobre lo primario

Diego Benéitez

Sobre lo primario, 2018

Mixed media on board

80 x 80 cm


João Carlos Galvão | Relieve verde

João Carlos Galvão

Relieve verde, 2018

Relieve en madera con parte lacada

60 x 60 cm

José Ramón Lozano | Sin Título(I)

José Ramón Lozano

Sin Título(I), 2018

Acrylic on fabric

195 x 195 cm


Guim Tió Zarraluki | Campament

Guim Tió Zarraluki

Campament, 2017

Oil on linen

130 x 195 cm

Lantomo | Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa


Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa, 2016

Grafito y pastel sobre papel encolado a madera

73 x 50 cm


Kepa Garraza | Felipe IV

Kepa Garraza

Felipe IV, 2016

Pastel sobre papel

200 x 140 x 2 cm