Art Madrid'23 – Pepe Puntas

Pepe Puntas | Anamorfosis

Pepe Puntas

Anamorfosis, 2022

Mixta sobre madera

196 x 151 cm

Galería BAT alberto cornejo

Madrid, España

Programa General B13


about Pepe Puntas

Córdoba, 1960

The artist Pepe Puntas began his artistic education at the Arts and Crafts School of Cordova, and he continued his studies at the “Santa Isabel de Hungría” Fine Art College in Seville, where he specialised in Wood Carving. His work is characterised by the recourse to the technique of sgraffito. Pepe Puntas draws acid, comic sceneries, with lines that seem crazy and crude, as a reflection of the current context of life deeply marked by the crisis. Throughout his large career, he was granted several awards. His work takes part in important collections like the IVAM and the Ministry of External Affairs, and he has participated in many remarkable artistic projects. His work has been awarded and acquired by collections such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain; Ayto Navacerrada, Medal of Honor XVI BMW Painting Prize, Ist Prize of the IX Painting Contest Caja Sur-Casa Galicia; Ayto Cordoba; Bullfighting Museum of Cordoba; IVAN - Museum of Modern Art Valencia, Museum of Contemporary Art Malaga; among others.

Pepe Puntas 's works

Pepe Puntas | Amaxofobia

Pepe Puntas

Amaxofobia, 2022

Mixta sobre madera

148 x 122 cm

Pepe Puntas | Efecto Mariposa nº1

Pepe Puntas

Efecto Mariposa nº1, 2022

Acrilico sobre madera

57 x 47 cm

Pepe Puntas | La Zona

Pepe Puntas

La Zona, 2022

Mixta sobre madera

198 x 200 cm

Pepe Puntas | Efecto Mariposa

Pepe Puntas

Efecto Mariposa, 2022

Acrilico sobre madera

59 x 61 cm

Pepe Puntas | La mirada oblicua

Pepe Puntas

La mirada oblicua, 2022

Mixta sobre madera e hilos

180 x 172 cm

Pepe Puntas | Síndrome de Stendhal

Pepe Puntas

Síndrome de Stendhal, 2018-2021

Mixta sobre madera

195 x 195 cm

Pepe Puntas | Efecto Mandela

Pepe Puntas

Efecto Mandela, 2018-2021

Mixta sobre madera

66 x 45 cm

Pepe Puntas | Síndrome de Alejandría

Pepe Puntas


Síndrome de Alejandría, 2018-2021

Mixta sobre madera

98 x 96 cm


Featured works

David Delgado Ruiz | Life In Mars. Starship Crash

David Delgado Ruiz

Life In Mars. Starship Crash, 2021

Fotografía Analógica y Digital, Impresión Certificada en Papel Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Ultra Smooth 305 gsm · 100% Cotton. Museum Standard Cotton Paper.

50 x 50 cm

Juana González | Abrazo

Juana González

Abrazo, 2021

Oil on canvas

110 x 90 cm

Juan Genovés | Acuden

Juan Genovés

Acuden, 2017

Obra gráfica muy intervenida a mano por el artista. Ed de 10

74 x 60 cm