Raúl Romero

Raúl Romero | Celeno adolescente

Raúl Romero

Celeno adolescente, 1980

Varnished tempera on cardboard

50 x 32 cm

Galería Léucade

Murcia, España



Raúl Romero

Madrid, 1955

Raúl Romero starts early in drawing and painting, both activities that he developed methodically: pigments, canvases, stretchers, nothing was useful that was not made of his own hand. And from there he created, experimented, becoming the great artisan of painting. In 2017 his work was exhibited at the Galería Léucade Murcia.

Artist's works

Raúl Romero | Abuelo en puntillismo

Raúl Romero

Abuelo en puntillismo, 2011

Mixed media on cardboard

50 x 35 cm

Raúl Romero | Autorretrato

Raúl Romero

Autorretrato, 1980

Mixed media on cardboard

65 x 50 cm

Raúl Romero | Figuras antropomorfas nº 2

Raúl Romero

Figuras antropomorfas nº 2, 1989

Ink and tempera on paper

32 x 21 cm

Raúl Romero | La infancia

Raúl Romero

La infancia, 1980

Mixed media on paper

29 x 21 cm

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