Veronika Veit

Veronika Veit | Window

Veronika Veit

Window, 2013

Wood, acrylic, paper, wool and metal

66 x 67 x 44 cm


Berlín, Alemania



Veronika Veit

Munich (Alemania), 1968

Veronika Veit studied Fine Arts at the University of Munich. In her work, installation, sculpture and video-performance predominate. She has made numerous solo and group exhibitions, including Germany, Mexico, United Kingdom and Athens. In 2016 she received the Fine Arts Prize of Munich.

Artist's works

Veronika Veit | Survivertrophy

Veronika Veit

Survivertrophy, 2015

Plastic, fabric, paper and acrylic

57 x 25 x 15 cm

Veronika Veit | Coming soon (grey)

Veronika Veit

Coming soon (grey), 2013

Hard gypsum, wool and plastic

40 x 16 x 25 cm

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