Art Madrid'23 – Lara Padilla

Lara Padilla

Madrid, 1988

The work of Ms. D, a.k.a. Lara Padilla, encompasses disciplines such as painting, sculpture, dance, performance and fashion design. Her pieces, mostly figurative, direct attention to the power of female representation through the deformation of the body and the use of color and textures. A vindication of gender exhibited through large hands as powerful instruments of battle or heavy feet, image of the perseverance of women in their struggle. Sra D. understands art, not as a silent showcase, but as a path of action and political intervention. Her aesthetic is an ode to diversity, portraying all types of bodies in pursuit of promoting a look of equality and authenticity.

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3 Punts Galería

Programa General

Artist's works

Lara Padilla | B&W Countach Tetris

Lara Padilla

B&W Countach Tetris, 2022

Mixed media on canvas

170 x 170 cm