Galería Luisa Pita

Galería Luisa Pita

Santiago de Compostela, España

Programa General A25

The new project of the Luisa Pita Art Gallery was born as a continuity of the activity that the Bus Station Space Gallery, founded and directed by Luisa Pita, had been developing in Santiago de Compostela since 2012. Conceived now, from experience acquired, as a more ambitious cultural project, with its own and more personal meaning in a new exhibition space and as a meeting point for art between renowned artists and other emerging artists.

participating artists in Art Madrid'20

Quintana Martelo

Roxos (Santiago de Compostela)

another artists in this gallery

Alejandra Atarés

Antonyo Marest

Arturo Álvarez

Dario Basso

David Planas

Felipe Ortega Regalado

Fernando Suárez-Reguera

Iván Tovar

Laura Nieto

María Ortega Estepa

Mariajosé Gallardo

Menchu Lamas

Pierre Louis Geldenhuys

Ramón Conde

Sandra Carvahlo

Soledad Penalta

works in Art Madrid'20

Quintana Martelo | Caixas e cartóns

Quintana Martelo

Caixas e cartóns, 2015

Bronce y madera

144 x 57 x 55 cm

Quintana Martelo | P&M Boceto

Quintana Martelo

P&M Boceto, 2019

Mixed media on paper

36 x 54 cm

Quintana Martelo | P&M"(Object 5) Boceto

Quintana Martelo

P&M"(Object 5) Boceto, 2020

Acuarela, tempera y crayón sobre papel

76 x 58 cm

Quintana Martelo | Materiais

Quintana Martelo

Materiais, 2014

Bronce y madera

32 x 24 x 30 cm

Quintana Martelo | P&M (Object 4) Boceto

Quintana Martelo

P&M (Object 4) Boceto, 2020

Acuarela, lápiz sobre papel

50 x 34 cm

Quintana Martelo | Prato Rachado

Quintana Martelo

Prato Rachado, 2014

Bronce y madera

32 x 24 x 30 cm

Quintana Martelo | P&M (Object 4)

Quintana Martelo

P&M (Object 4), 2020

Oil on canvas

114 x 81 cm

Quintana Martelo | Painter and Model

Quintana Martelo

Painter and Model, 2019

Cartón, lápiz, cola y óleo sobre papel

168 x 132 cm