Online art show "OKUDA SAN MIGUEL"



There is a maxim that defines very well the character of Okuda San Miguel as an artist and as a person: "I need to create to be happy". A need that in his case is fueled by his numerous trips around the world, with direct contact with other cultures and the absorption of new knowledge.

For Okuda, the essential function of art should be to transform people by being continuously present in the public space. To leave the spectator indifferent would be one of the greatest sins which an artist could fall into. Therefore, his work contains many contradictions and poses a message open to personal interpretation: Okuda does not say, he tells you; Okuda does not want to convince you, he wants you to reflect. This is a pattern present since his beginnings, where his geometrised letters in abandoned factories were the first step of his career. His subsequent passage through Fine Arts, where he knew the classics first-hand, did nothing but delve into a way of doing things that, today, finds its best aesthetic expression in that pop surrealism that Okuda handles in both the public space as in the studio.

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