Online art show "ICONOSFERA"



The critic and independent curator Natalia Alonso will be in charge of the curated tour of Art Madrid for the second consecutive year, which, together with the Collecting Program, will form part of "One Shot Collectors".

This programme is structured around three key aspects of the art world: the works, the curators and the collectors. These elements represent the itinerary of current artistic production, from the piece itself as a materialisation of creative talent, through the critical perspective and interpretative work of the curator, to the collector who, as an art lover, has an emotional connection with the work.

Natalia Alonso Arduengo (1984, Madrid): Lives in Gijón and works between her place of residence and Madrid. She has a degree in Art History from the University of Oviedo, and she's a critic and independent curator. Part of her interests are oriented to art made by women and focused on gender aspects. In this sense, she has curated shows such as "Perséfone's Fugue" by Cristina Ferrández and Norma Desmond's Syndrome by Cristina Toledo.

Works for sale in ICONOSFERA

Lantomo | (un)MASKED FIGHTER




Grafito, carbón, acuarela sobre papel encolado a madera

130 x 97 cm


Jaime Sancorlo | MA$TERCLA$$

Jaime Sancorlo

MA$TERCLA$$, 2021

Oil on canvas

114 x 146 cm

Mário Macilau | Breaking news

Mário Macilau

Breaking news, 2015

Pigmento inyectado

60 x 90 cm

Kepa Garraza | Isabel II

Kepa Garraza

Isabel II, 2021

Carbón comprimido sobre papel

100 x 75 cm

Catarina Patrício | Fonte

Catarina Patrício

Fonte, 2022

Grafito y carbón sobre papel

152 x 129 cm

María Treviño | Sin título

María Treviño

Sin título, 2022

Oil on canvas

80 x 60 cm

Beatriz Díaz Ceballos | Todos los rostros del pasado

Beatriz Díaz Ceballos

Todos los rostros del pasado, 2021

Micro-fusión de aleación de cobre con soldadura de plata y pátina de fuego

22.5 x 18 x 15 cm