Online art show "SWIMMING POOL"



Mária's academic training began in the field of archaeology and restoration, although she later decided to devote herself entirely to photography. Her work offers a vision of reality halfway between fantasy or reverie and the posing of fashion catalogues, with a sober and deliberate aesthetic that produces at the same time serenity and restlessness.

She recreates atmospheres and situations that seem to come from a design magazine. Patterns of repetition, multiplied figures, elements arranged in geometric form produce illusory and harmonic images of a great visual balance. Sometimes, her models defy the laws of logic and often behave contrary to what the context wants to indicate. In others, it is about looking for maximum quietness, the absolute rest on reflective surfaces, like the water in her pools, which reproduce the objects like a mirror and generate drawings of lines and volumes.

The importance of colour cannot be forgotten either. It is a constant of great impact, an element that breaks the fragility of this image so subtly built up and that appears in the photograph as a counterpoint to the composition.

Works for sale in SWIMMING POOL