Online art show "VANISHING POINTS"


Francisco Suárez, Dirk Salz and Patrik Grijalvo


From October 10th to December 14th

The Gallery Victor Lope Contemporary Art presents the project ‘Vanishing Points’, an exhibition in which participate three artists represented by the gallery: Francisco Suárez, Patrik Grijalvo and Dirk Salz. In the showing, there will be displayed their most recent pieces, which talk about light and its relationship with space, about line and geometry.

The title of the exhibition ‘Vanishing Points’, reveals us the intentionality of the project and it refers to the link among the works of the artists. Vanishing Points talks about the complexity of perspective and the depth in the geometric abstraction, which, paradoxically, implies a challenge on the mere fact of not having a logic linear projection as generally marks the vanishing point of any non-abstract composition.

Light plays a very important role in the compositions, every artist works it through his technique and creativity, but in very different ways; while Dirk Salz’s pieces seem to absorb the light through the superimposed resin layers, Francisco Suarez’s pieces irradiate light and they create a vibrant atmosphere.

Works for sale in VANISHING POINTS

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