Helarea is an online art sale platform that was born from the passion for the art of its CEO Inés Luca de Tena and its directors Ana Monreal and Carlos Aguilar. They felt the need to connect the work of emerging visual artists, who are somehow out of the usual route of galleries and whose exhibition career is not positioned in the market, with individuals and professionals national and international interior design. Helarea's sponsorship work focuses on bringing the works of art of its artists to all audiences, enhancing their careers, democratising art, escaping from elitist exclusivity and promoting creativity. Helarea breaks down barriers and offers artists the possibility of living from their passion.

Helarea works as an e-commerce platform with simple mechanics, easy to handle for the user, facilitating the process of acquiring the works and opening a window on the productivity of professionals in the domain of decoration and interior design. At Helarea we can find artworks by emerging artists at affordable prices. The members of its team, professionals with more than 16 years of experience in the sector with a common dream: to revolutionise the form and perception of the art sector, have become true patrons, promoting the artistic production of the authors they promote.

Although the platform is mainly focused on the online art market, they have a showroom where the buyer can "feel" all the talent of their artists, even offering the possibility of participating in the artwork by requesting a custom order. In this way, the artist and the buyer create together a unique and exclusive project. The most important challenge since its foundation was to bring art closer to everyone. In this way, the value of the works for sale start from a price of €80 and go up to €2,600.

"As opposed to the large transactions of auction houses and galleries is the precarious reality of a large majority of artists who are unable to live from their production, it was then that we realised that the solution was to create a platform like Helarea, methodically structured to offer artists the possibility of a new sales channel without the need to invest their own resources while making art accessible to all audiences”.

Helarea works as a supplier of artworks not only for interior design and decoration professionals but also offers the possibility of decorating their rooms and salons to hotel brands, restaurant chains and department stores. On the other hand, it promotes with its different actions, the purchase of art among young or non-initiated collectors.


This 19th edition of Art Madrid stands out for the presence of around two hundred artists and more than a thousand works in a variety of media, a characteristic feature of the exhibition proposals presented by the participating galleries. All of them stand out for their originality, formal quality and correspondence with current artistic trends.

Cultura Inquieta works in the creation and curatorship of cultural content, so for another year, accompany us in this experience to discover talent in all disciplines (painting, sculpture, graphic arts, photography, art installations...). For the 19th edition, we explore and disseminate art among emerging and established artists and galleries. Art Madrid'24 will take place from March 6 to 10, 2024 at the Galería de Cristal del Palacio de Cibeles. It will be an edition where you can enjoy the contemporary art of the moment in an event full of novelties.

As prescribers of culture and art, Cultura Inquieta works with cultural content for its dissemination, offering specialized communication services, training and disruptive events for companies. They define themselves as the culture of something alive, in constant movement, without fear of feeling alive. A platform that gives space to new voices.

This edition is characterized by its impact on the latest artistic trends. The participating galleries offer the opportunity to see the latest production of some of their artists in the last year; a time of research and reflection with creative results that will have a great impact on the contemporary art market.

Together with Cultura Inquieta, we have prepared a selection of 25 works that we would like to highlight. You will be able to identify them at the fair because each one will have a Cultura Inquieta sticker next to it. We hope you enjoy them.

Together with Cultura Inquieta, we have prepared a selection of 25 works that we especially highlight. At the fair, you will be able to identify them because each one will have a Cultura Inquieta sticker next to it.

We hope you enjoy them!

Junto a Cultura Inquieta hemos preparado una selección de 25 obras que destacamos especialmente. En la feria podréis identificarlas porque cada una llevará al lado una pegatina de Cultura Inquieta.

¡Esperamos que las disfrutéis muchísimo!