Art Madrid'23 – Trema arte contemporânea

Trema arte contemporânea

Lisboa, Portugal

Programa General A15

Trema Arte Contemporânea emerged in 1992 and is located in a historic area of Lisbon. It began its activity with a group of emerging Portuguese artists and others with a recognized careers. Trema holds exhibitions of painting, sculpture, drawing, and installation. The main objective of the gallery is the representation of new artists that mark the eclecticism of the most current Portuguese art and of other foreign artists with innovative projects. It does a commendable job of revitalizing its space through a varied program of exhibitions, promotes cultural projects in partnership with galleries and municipal museums in the country, and participates in national and international art fairs.

participating artists in Art Madrid'23

Carlos Andrade

Lisboa, (Portugal)

Lúcia David

Anadia, (Portugal)