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Serie Desing & color. Office, 2021

Digital print Giclée Canson Platine Fibre Rag 310 gsm

90 x 130 x 5 cm

about Anbel


Anbel has a degree in Fine Arts and a Master's in Artistic Production and Management from the University of Murcia and has a doctorate in Arts and Humanities. She is currently a member of the research group Art and Identity Policies at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Murcia. As a researcher, her work focuses on the plastic possibilities of color on the architectural surface in the context of public space, developing at this time, a line where she fuses images of interior spaces, using the plasticity of color itself. Her training in Art and a contact with Architecture, build her photographic project. Bachelor's degree, master's degree and doctorate in Art and Humanities lay the foundations for the artist's academic stage, which is completed with exhibitions at the Hybrid 2020 Contemporary Art Fair, in the rooms of the Daoíz and Velarde Cultural Center and in the Clara Campoamor room -Retiro (Madrid).

Other works of the exposition

Add Fuel | Segment 03 absence

Add Fuel

Segment 03 absence, 2020

Tinta de gel sobre cerámica en capas montada en HDF

75 x 75 cm

Jesús Chamizo | Glass Memories 4

Jesús Chamizo

Glass Memories 4, 2018

Impresión fine art y tintas pigmentadas

52 x 80 cm

Hugo Alonso | Other's painting

Hugo Alonso

Other's painting, 2021

Acrylic on paper

113 x 133 cm

Mária Švarbová | I, Grössling, City Bath

Mária Švarbová

I, Grössling, City Bath, 2020

Digital print on paper

140 x 115 cm

Gorka García | Ariavento

Gorka García

Ariavento, 2020

Oil on board

180 x 180 cm

Sandra Paula Fernández | El paraíso

Sandra Paula Fernández

El paraíso, 2021

Impresión digital sobre dibond

200 x 120 cm

Francesca Poza | Ciudad blanca

Francesca Poza

Ciudad blanca, 2021

Papel de grabado reciclado

80 x 48 x 2.5 cm

Malgosia Jankowska | Still life

Malgosia Jankowska

Still life, 2021

Acuarela y tinta china sobre papel

150 x 115 cm

Silvia Flechoso | Oro

Silvia Flechoso

Oro, 2021

Oil on canvas

200 x 200 cm

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