The covers of Manolo Prieto (1940-1957) in the National Museum of Decorative Arts



This Spanish painter and sketcher of Cadiz origin (1912-1991) began his career in Madrid around 1930, here he began to work as a draftsman and designer in various advertising agencies. A pioneer in the field of graphic design, he is known primarily for designing the "bull" of the Osborne campaign. This emblem happened to be related to the collective imagination of the towns of Spain. Along with this symbol, has also worked for brands as representative as Iberia, Renfe, Danone, Frigo, Nestlé, Santa Lucía or Trasmediterránea.



The covers of Manolo Prieto (1940-1957) in the National Museum of Decorative Arts



This exhibition at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Madrid pays homage to his entire career, with more than 200 works. Curated by Juan Aguilar and Emilio Gil, it offers a great number of activities that will be developed throughout this period. The influx is for public of all kinds, offering a great offer for the dissemination of the work of Prieto. "What tells Novels and Stories. The covers of Manolo Prieto (1940-1957) "brings the viewer to the artist's most unknown work.



The covers of Manolo Prieto (1940-1957) in the National Museum of Decorative Arts



The collection, belonging to the Dédalo publishing house, has 618 covers that comprise 17 years of pioneering compositional solutions for its time. Thanks to their contributions in graphic design many of the techniques with which they are counted today have been able to be edited and improved. The exhibition is not only composed of covers, but also includes sketches and proofs preserved by the Manolo Prieto Foundation.




The covers of Manolo Prieto (1940-1957) in the National Museum of Decorative Arts



His work is characterized by bringing great value to the field of research of the historical avant-garde rather than conforming to the advertising canons of his time. All a visionary who knew how to give his own voice to brands and make a gap in history. 





“I paint in a completely free way, I don't have a plan, it's chaotic, but everything has a reason. I don't prepare anything before I start painting, what I paint is what I feel or try to communicate at that moment, so it changes a lot (from one work to another)”.

Chão limpo e o resto. Mixed media on canvas. 2023. Ana Malta. Courtesy of the artist.

Cultura Inquieta once again joins the experience of discovering and celebrating creative talent within the broad spectrum of artistic expressions present at Art Madrid'24. As a supporter of culture and contemporary art, its commitment to promoting and supporting emerging artists is reflected in a special initiative in this edition: highlighting and supporting the work of the REVELATION ARTIST of the 19th edition.

Só durmo na minha almofada. Mixed media on canvas. 2023. Ana Malta. Courtesy of the artist.

In this context, Ana Malta emerges into the contemporary art scene with a fresh voice and her own visual aesthetic. Born in Lisbon in 1996, Malta is a talented visual artist and freelance designer who has captivated the public with her distinctive approach and bold exploration of the beauty of everyday spaces through her investigations of color.

Her studies in Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon, as well as her Master's Degree in Creative Industries Management at the Catholic University of Portugal in Porto, have provided a solid foundation for her artistic practice. Currently, she also collaborates in the Communication and Production Office of Carpintarias de São Lázaro - Centro Cultural e Galeria Belo-Galsterer, showing her commitment to the cultural fabric of her community. She is also part of the artistic collective VÊS.TRÊS.

Ana Malta has been recognized in several platforms and media, including the 14th Edition of QUADRANTE, Melancia Mag and the SCROLL program of the RTP2 channel. Her participation in the book (AS)ARTISTAS - Ensaio Gráfico sobre Histórias e Práticas Artísticas no Feminino and in the April 21st Edition of Nova Awareness Club underlines her impact and relevance in the contemporary art scene.

Só um é que ganha. Mixed media on canvas. 2023. Ana Malta. Courtesy of the artist.

Ana Malta's work is characterized by her exploration of color, patterns, composition, and texture. These elements are not only vehicles of her plastic and visual expression, but also embody an intimate dialogue between aesthetic restlessness and the transformation of error into opportunity.

It is exciting to see Ana Malta make her debut at Art Madrid'24, represented by Galeria São Mamede (STAND B3). Her presence promises to further enrich the artistic experience of the event, inviting the public to approach the visually captivating and conceptually stimulating universe that the artist creates to narrate the chaos she rearranges in shapes and colors.

Não fico pendurada. Mixed media on canvas. 2023. Ana Malta. Courtesy of the artist.

In a world in constant movement, Ana Malta reminds us of the importance of experimentation and continuous exploration in the search for authentic and sincere artistic expression.

Her work has been REVEALED to us in the 19th edition of ART MADRID, thanks to the precise point of view of CULTURA INQUIETA as a testimony of the transforming power of art. In her hands, the entropy of forms brings us the possible memory of an endless summer; the luminosity of the sun becomes the caress of everyday life; we may even be surprised by the formula of happiness turned into a companion animal.

Ana Malta's pieces combines the restlessness of a space that appears to be in a state of chaos with the delicate synesthesia of vibrating at the velocity of light, nuances, lines and colors in her paintings.