Participating galleries Art Madrid16




For the third consecutive year, during the Madrid Art Week, the heart of the city is full of contemporary art proposals with the more than 200 artists that we will enjoy at the contemporary art fair Art Madrid. In the General Program of the fair this year involved 27 Spanish galleries: 3 Punts Galeria, Miquel Alzueta Gallery, Gallery Marc Calzada, Artur Ramon Art, Balaguer Gallery and El Quatre Art Gallery, from Barcelona; Materna y Herencia, BAT Alberto Cornejo, Hispanica Contemporánea (Madrid-Mexico), Kreisler Gallery and El Cisne Gallery, from Madrid; Alba Cabrera and Gallery Benlliure, both from Valencia; Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery, Gijon; Montenegro and Moret Art, from Vigo and La Coruña. This year 11 new galleries enjoy the fair: Alonso Vidal Gallery and Trama Gallery, Barcelona; Artizar Gallery (La Laguna, Tenerife), cis-art (nomadic gallery), Espiral (Noja, Cantabria), Kir Royal Gallery (Valencia), Vanguardia Gallery (Bilbao), Gallery Veintinueve 06/13 (Mallorca), Pep Llabrés Art Contemporary (Mallorca) and Estampa and Marita Segovia, from Madrid.








Special mention to the big participation of foreign galleries (11 in the General Program) in Art Madrid'16 with Art Lounge Gallery (Lisbon, Portugal), Collage Habana Gallery (Havana, Cuba) and Moleiro's Gallery (Cuba), Schmalfuss Berlin (Berlin, Germany) and 100 Kubik (Cologne, Germany), Yiri Arts (Taipei, Taiwan), Kaplanon Galleries (Athens, Greece), Maksla XO (Riga, Latvia), Norty Mécénat (Paris, France), Alba Area Gallery (Brescia, Italy) and Unique Gallery (Turin, Italy).






In #ONEPROJECT program, with eight projects in 'solo-show' and curated by Carlos Delgado Mayordomo, will participate: Alejandro Gallery (Barcelona), Nuca Area (Santander), Espacio Valverde (Madrid), Galerie Voss (Duesseldorf involved, Germany), Mojacar Factory Art (Mojacar, Almeria), Ogami Press (Madrid), Plom Gallery (Barcelona) and synchresis (Empoli, Florence, Italy). The artists who represent this project will reveal in detail very soon.



And, as appetiser, some activities of the Parallel Program AM16: lectures, panel discussions, workshops, meetings... dedicated to ART&GENDER, identity, roles and visibility of women in the world of art.





100 Kubik (Colonia, Alemania)
3 Punts Galeria (Barcelona)
Alba Area Gallery (Brescia, Italia)
Alba Cabrera (Valencia)
Alonso Vidal (Barcelona)
Art Lounge Gallery (Lisboa, Portugal)
Artur Ramon Art (Barcelona)
Aurora Vigil-Escalera Galería de Arte (Gijón)
BAT Alberto Cornejo (Madrid)
cis-art (Nómada)
EL QUATRE, Art Gallery Barcelona (Barcelona)
Espiral (Noja,Cantabria)
Estampa (Madrid)
Galería Artizar (La Laguna, Tenerife)
Galeria Balaguer (Barcelona)
Galería Benlliure (Valencia)
Galería Collage Habana (La Habana, Cuba)
Galería Del Cisne (Madrid)
Galería Kreisler (Madrid)
Galería Marc Calzada (Barcelona)
Galería Marita Segovia (Madrid)
Galeria Miquel Alzueta (Barcelona)
Galeria Trama (Barcelona)
Galería Vanguardia (Bilbao)
Galería Veintinueve 06/13 (Mallorca)
Galleria Unique (Turín, Italia)
Hispánica Contemporánea (Madrid-México)
Kaplanon Galleries (Atenas, Grecia)
Kir Royal gallery (Valencia)
Maksla XO (Riga, Letonia)
Materna y Herencia (Madrid)
Moleiro's Gallery (Cuba)
Montenegro (Vigo)
Moret Art (A Coruña)
Norty Mécénat (París,Francia)
Pep Llabrés Art Contemporani (Mallorca)
Schmalfuss Berlin (Berlín, Alemania)
Yiri Arts (Taipei, Taiwan)


Alejandro Gallery (Barcelona)
Espacio Nuca (Santander)
Espacio Valverde (Madrid)
Galerie Voss (Düsseldorf, Alemania)
Mojácar Factory Art (Mojácar, Almería)
Ogami Press (Madrid)
Plom Gallery (Barcelona)
Sincresis (Empoli,Florencia, Italia)

The CEART opens this Thursday, November 14th in the room A an exhibition dedicated to this master of photography, which will be open to the public until February 9th. The show includes one of the artist's latest projects, focused on the hard work carried out by the miners of Serra Pelada, an open gold mine in the heart of Brazil where employees daily risked their lives.

Immigration, poverty, marginal life, slave labour, man's relationship with the land, the use of natural resources... are issues that have always fascinated Salgado. From the beginning of his career as a photographer, his work has opted to give visibility to the most disadvantaged groups and to create with his images a vivid and impressive visual story without fakes. With a raw black and white, this author's work transits between photo-reportage and naturalistic photography.

And the idea that permeates all his work is human dignity. Salgado portrays employees, miners and gatherers from a purely humanistic approach that wants to value their integrity, their strength and their resilience.

“If you photograph a human, so that he is not represented in a noble way, there is no reason to take the picture. That is my way of seeing things.”

Salgado entered this discipline long after completing his studies in economics between Brazil and the United States, and a doctorate in statistics in France. But in 1973 his life took a turn, and he decided to start his career as a photographer. He achieved to work at the Gamma Agency and Magnum Photos for more than 15 years until in 1994 he founded his own agency “Amazonas Imagen”.

With the “Gold” project, the photographer portrays a harsh reality that takes place in the Serra Pelada mine, a name given to a totally devastated and anarchically excavated mining enclave, the world's largest open-pit gold mine, through which more than 50,000 people have passed. In the heat of the legends about the mysterious “El Dorado”, the enthusiasm for this precious metal led to the development of strenuous exploitation practices for the workers and to originate tales of grief and glory, of human victory and defeat between the soil, the tunnels and the cargo baskets.

The CEART exhibition brings together Salgado's full portfolio in his characteristical black and white and large-format photographs that leave no one indifferent.