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The world-renowned conceptual artist Franz Erhahd Walther (Fulda, Germany, 1939) is still active in exhibitions with his particular artistic vision. This is his first anthology in Spain and premiered in the Palace of Velázquez (El Retiro, Madrid) with a sample that includes sculpture, painting, drawing and graphic documentation that relate his two main themes, language and action. For him, art has an immaterial meaning therefore its nature is performative.



Plastische Rede, 1983. coton,wood, 365 x 470 x 40 cm, 6 pieces



The action is complemented by the materials used to give meaning to the object and thus reach the public through the body. Together with time and space, these elements are modeled and their discourse giving way to artistic practices such as sculpture and installation. Erharhd, begins its activity in the 50's and questions the condition of the artistic object before the history of art.



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Organized by the Reina Sofía Art Center Museum, the famous Handlungsstücke (Works of Action) series is defined by the artist as his "demonstrations of work" and this will be complemented by activities carried out with subjects trained for it by the hand artist. Not only is the sample based on actions related to the parameters space and time, but also will be exhibited work on paper of its first stage under the name Wortbilder (pictures of words), photographs and videos will be an addition to this complete presentation From his job.



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For the artist materials are a vital starting point for developing their actions and in this case the fabrics symbolize art and life. The textures, color and seams themselves make us as spectators immersed in a paradise full of possibilities given that they do not lead us to the idea of ??a finished object. The activities will run until 10 September in collaboration with the Goethe Institut.




In Art Madrid, we love art in all its aspects. Therefore, on the occasion of our 15th anniversary and thanks to Cooltourspain.com , visitors at Art Madrid’20 will have the possibility to enjoy a free guided tour of urban art to discover the street art hidden by Lavapiés, one of the most multicultural and colourful neighbourhoods of Madrid.

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Street art is the expression of art in public spaces either in the form of murals in restored buildings; graffiti; street painting or curated artistic actions. What are the backstories of each artist? What are the social issues affecting our city? This social, cultural and educational project was born in 2016 to answer these questions and show the message hidden by the works of art of so many national and international artists who have painted the Embajadores neighbourhood. It became the first daily street art tour in Madrid.

Cooltourspain will show you the Spanish capital in an alternative way and its guides will share their knowledge about the best street art in the Lavapiés and Malasaña areas. In the same way, its Foundation collaborates with non-profit projects and local associations so that people at risk of social exclusion can learn the techniques used by Madrid graffiti artists. The tour lasts two hours and begins at the Valle Inclán Theater Entrance.