Art Madrid'23 – ART&COLLECT. 2ª EDITION

For the second time, Art Madrid presents the online sales campaign Art&Collect: your work in one click . From December 14th to January 5th, the public will have a selection of available artworks by the artists participating in the fair's next edition.

In collaboration with the galleries that make up the general program at Art Madrid'23 and through our online store, we will find more than 40 works worth between 800 and 1,800 euros (VAT included). Art&Collect is a digital initiative that aims to bring the latest contemporary art to all audiences.

The selection includes a sample of the disciplines that we will be able to enjoy in the February 2023 edition and offers us a preview of the artists who will attend the Palacio de Cristal de Cibeles with their galleries. From the revision of classical culture and the history of art in Xurxo Gómez-Chao's photographs, to the "intervened reality" created and documented by David Delgado Ruiz. Painting takes center stage as the most fashionable and present discipline in the current context: Julien Primard takes us into his dream scenes through an aesthetically contemporary filter, while Cristina Gamón floods her abstractions on methacrylate with color.

On the other hand, the work on paper delights us with the delicate and symbolist drawing of Juanjo Martínez Cánovas. The experimentation in the use of materials and techniques is evident in the creation of Francesca Poza from tarlatan or in the use of metal in the realistic buildings of Nicolás Lisardo. The representation of disciplines ends with the marble sculpture expertise of Carlos Andrade or the pop figures of Fidia Falaschetti.

The list of artists in Art&Collect Roger Sanguino (DDR Art Gallery), Costa Gorelov (Dr. Robot Gallery), Kuk Lin (Dr. Robot Gallery), Pepe Puntas (BAT Alberto Cornejo), Elvira Carrasco (Galería La Aurora), Saltâo (Galeria São Mamede), Sofía Areal (Galeria São Mamede), Julien Primard (Galerie LJ), Juanjo Marínez Cánovas (Inéditad), Nicolás Lisardo (Galería Manuel Ojeda), Marc Sparfel (MA Arte contemporáneo), Xurxo Gómez-Chao (MoretArt), Iván Prieto (MoretArt), Diego Benéitez (Rodrigo Juarranz), Jaime Sicilia (Rodrigo Juarranz), Cristina Gamón (Shiras Galería), Horacio Silva (Shiras Galería), Carlos Andrade (Trema arte contemporânea), Carlos Barão (Trema arte contemporânea), Federico Granell (Galería Metro), Stephanie de Malherbe (Uxval Gochez Gallery), Ewa Jaros (Uxval Gochez Gallery), Fidia Falaschetti (Galería Hispánica Contemporánea), KYMC (Galería Hispánica Contemporánea), Alex Pallí Vert (N2 Galería), Laura Nieto (Galería Luisa Pita), Carmen Pastrana (Galería Metro), Francesca Poza (Alba Cabrera), Marta Aguirre (BAT Alberto Cornejo), Perceval Graell (Alba Cabrera).

All the information of the participating artists and galleries. The catalogue includes a selection of the artworks present at the fair and much more information about the event so that it becomes a good memory of the last edition 2023.

All the information of the participating artists and galleries,