Art Madrid'24 – cis art gallery in Art Madrid?16


Obra de Yang Shun.



In 2011, Silvia Gonzalez and Carmina Gaudes opened their art gallery with a very special feature, it was a nomadic gallery. Aware of the complexity and diversity that could have the contemporary projects, they thought that being tied to a fixed location could restrict their expressive possibilities and thus they choose to move each project to find a suitable space and conditions that suit with the proposed work. Because of the nomadic nature of Cis Art has become a pioneer gallery in Barcelona.




Obra de Yomuto Atelier.



Cis Art contemporary art always considered Arts in relation to other areas of reality and not as an isolated speech and they understand the exhibition as expressive resource and as device that generate a unique synergy between work, space and public and as an artistic and more complete experience.



They represent a small number of national and international emerging artists of all disciplines and participate in a varied, regular program of exhibitions, collaborations with other galleries, institutions, museums, group companies and, of course, art fairs.




Obra de Yang Shun.



Cis Art works with Bigert & Bergström, Antonio Caro, Juan Pablo Echeverri and Anna Taratiel ... At the fair Art Madrid'16 they come with Gregori Saavedra (from the world of illustration, collage works done with a very particular universe speak and claim reality), Yang Shun (of Chinese origin, the artist moves between abstract expressionism and the tradition of watercolor), Yomuto Atelier (creative team formed by the artist Xavier Muñoz and industrial designer Federico Tosco) and the photographer Fernando Maselli. 



If you are a contemporary art gallery and would like to be part of Art Madrid'25, you can now apply to participate!

The 20th edition of Art Madrid will take place from 5 to 9 March 2025 in the Galería de Cristal del Palacio de Cibeles. This privileged location, good communications and the quality of the project have always been guarantees of success for an event that reaches 20,000 visitors in each edition.

Art Madrid has been held during the capital's Art Week for the last twenty years, consolidating itself as an interdisciplinary fair of new artistic trends, in which nearly 40 national and international galleries participate, working with painting, sculpture, graphics, photography, installation and digital art of recent production.

Partial view of Art Madrid'24. Contemporary Art Fair. 19th edition, 2024

Art Madrid carries out a series of programs designed by curators, consultants and cultural experts with the fundamental objective of encouraging collecting, promoting cultural dialogue and making the most recent trends in art accessible to the general public. These initiatives are always focused on the constant improvement of the visitor's experience at our event, always seeking to enrich their interaction with contemporary art.

Partial view of Art Madrid'24. Contemporary Art Fair. 19th edition, 2024


Gallery Program

Art Madrid's Gallery Program is the heart of the fair. In each edition of Art Madrid, the program consists of around 40 national and international exhibitors.

Parallel Activities Program

The Parallel Program of Art Madrid'25 will have as its main axis the concept of the Territory City. The public space, the city and the territory will serve as a link to the artistic practices that take place in the "imagined spaces" and revitalize the cultural geography of Madrid.

Collecting Program

Art Madrid offers a specialized consulting service for galleries and the public interested in acquiring works of art.

Support Program for New Entries

Through a specific communication package, new entries to the fair will be presented and given special visibility.


The program will include a series of activities that will take place throughout the month of February and during Madrid Art Week at the Galería de Cristal del Palacio de Cibeles. Likewise, the parallel program will maintain the 2nd edition of the Open Booth, the Performance Cycle, Lecturas: Curated Walktrhoughs by Art Madrid, and the Interviews Section curated by Art Madrid.

Partial view of Art Madrid'24. Contemporary Art Fair. 19th edition, 2024


Best Booth Award

Award that will be articulated around the gallery with the best booth set up at the fair.

New Entry Award

Award will be given to the newly incorporated gallery with the best booth setup and exhibition proposal at the fair.

Emerging Artist Award

Our sponsors, as part of their line of action to promote contemporary art, will offer a prize to one of the revelation artists participating in the fair.

Partial view of Art Madrid'24. Contemporary Art Fair. 19th edition, 2024

Our support for art and culture extends throughout the year and responds to a global vision in which constancy and commitment to the galleries are essential to achieve our objectives of disseminating contemporary art within and beyond our borders; to create new audiences and interest in art and culture in all sectors of society; to strengthen and promote artists, especially young talent; to value art and culture as essential elements of social development; and to create spaces for cultural visibility and communication that are accessible, open and dynamic.

Relevant information

Applications for the 20th edition of Art Madrid'25 can be sent to the following e-mail address: until October 7, 2024