Art Madrid'24 – Estampa Contemporary Art Fair celebrates its 22 edition in Matadero Madrid

As multiple art fair and more focused on the creation and dissemination of collecting, Estampa presents this 9 October the 22nd edition of the contemporary art fair.
Estampa Contemporary Art Fair will occupy the space 16 of the Matadero de Madrid from 9 to 12 October with the main novelty of showing "unique work" in every technique and procedure. It is the main backbone of the new General Program that involves more than 70 national and international galleries as + R (Barcelona), Adora Calvo (Salamanca), Alarcón Criado (Sevilla), Álvaro Alcázar (Madrid), Angels Baths (Badajoz), Juana Mordo Archive Editions (Madrid), ArtNueve (Murcia), Astarte (Madrid), Camera Obscura (Madrid), Married Santapau (Madrid), Cayon (Madrid), Fernádez-Braso (Madrid), Fernando Pradilla (Madrid), Stamp Gallery (Madrid), Hare Gallery (Madrid) , Invaliden 1 (Berlin), Joan Prats (Barcelona), JosedelaFuente-before Nuble- (Santander), Juan Silió (Santander), Juana de Aizpuru (Madrid), Maior (Pollença, Mallorca), MDA (Oslo), Moisés Pérez de Albéniz (Madrid), Miguel Marcos (Barcelona), Mikel Armendia (Pamplona), NF Gallery (Madrid), Odalys (Madrid), press Ogami (Madrid), Paula Alonso (Madrid), Photosai Gallery (Madrid), Pilar Serra (Madrid ), Rafael Perez Hernando (Madrid), Espai d'Art Set (Valencia), Siboney (Santander), Tasneem Gallery (Barcelona) and Yusto / Giner (Málaga). 
The Selection Commitee is formed by the curators Lorena Martinez Corral, Alicia Ventura and Mariano Navarro, and by collectors as Josep Maria Civit or Jose Antonio Trujillo. 
In parallel, the Drawing Up Estampa program focuses on the emphasis on contemporary drawing as a means of visual communication and as the seamless access to collecting because of their format and more affordable prices. 
The 22nd edition of Estampa has invited Mexico as a country that sponsors the exhibition Deconstructing the Landscape, an exhibition of photography by emerging and consolidated artists represented by gallerist of this country and curated by Manuel Rocha (Mexico City, 1968) in collaboration with the Cultural Institute of Mexico in Spain and their Embassy. 

One of the key points this year will be the COLLECT program, the colleciting program of the fair, holding exhibitions, debates, presentations, in a separate space... with the presence of some of the most prominent collectors of our cultural environment to create a space information and training of new collectors. The designer and collector Josep M. Civit has ceded part of its collection to be enjoyed by the participants in the program and the artist Miquel Barceló, guest artist this year, has developed a work for the occasion.


Have you ever noticed the magnificent space that is the Galería de Cristal of Palacio de Cibeles in broad daylight? Did you walk through Art Madrid'24 under the huge glass dome? Do you remember that painting that caught your attention and you couldn't take a picture of it because you didn't want to miss anything of the fair? Would you like to spend 5 minutes in front of that amazing sculpture again? Well, you can do all this and more thanks to our 360º VIRTUAL VISIT!

We invite you to enjoy the experience of living ART MADRID'24 with our 360º VIRTUAL TOUR. Move around every corner of the fair, recover those works of art that you didn't have time to enjoy and discover an art fair in broad daylight from the proximity of a click.

Thanks to COKE RIERA STUDIO and PANOTOUR technology, we bring you the fair in detail. With more than 4,100 photos taken at strategic points of the fair, we offer you a complete panoramic view of our space and the possibility to access each of the participating galleries, get close to the works, admire the height of the glass dome and even get closer to the spaces that surely you have not been able to discover in detail.

We love to share this immersive experience with you. So the BEST OF ALL will be for you to TRY IT and SHARE IT!