Ink and Movement is a group of professionals moved by their passion for the new Contemporary art and the commitment with their artists, and in # ArtMadrid18 are one of the main collaborators.

Okuda San Miguel. Mural 'Kaos Temple'

The fact that Okuda San Miguel is a Guest Artist in the 13th edition of Art Madrid has been a commitment to the future of art and has been possible thanks to the work of Ink and Movement, pioneers in the organization of large urban art events, experts in management of artistic projects with commercial brands, creators of unimaginable cultural initiatives and, above all, undisputed allies of artists in the development and promotion of their work.

Ink and Movement works in the development and promotion of the careers of contemporary artists and connects them with institutions, promoters and big commercial brands worldwide to take their work to all corners of the world, helping them with the diffusion of their career. This is what they do with Okuda San Miguel, Spok Brillor, Daniel Muñoz ... and many others that we have seen growing exponentially in recent years with the help of Ink and Movement, who are also responsible for brands joining forces with artistic creation becoming accomplices of the culture participating actively in it.


They are not an agency, nor a gallery, Ink and Movement are defined as ART PROJECTS & ARTIST MANAGEMENT, that is their motto, they are curators, cultural managers, creators of unique events and unstoppable engines that drive the career of some of the most significant artists of our time. Ink and Movement is a project in constant evolution and search for new challenges, and Art Madrid wants to be moved by its strength.

Art Truck Project

If visual arts arouse emotions in the viewer, and also gastronomy, at its finest, can cause a similar effect, the relationship between both "disciplines" is more than demonstrated.

Cheese is a fundamental piece in gastronomy, its diversity allows it to be part of gastronomy different moments, from starters to desserts, and that is why Art Madrid includes it in this year’s edition of the Fair from an ambitious place. Cheese is given this way a closest view to the creation of a work of art, both from the point of view of the time spent in its execution process and the almost personalized study dedicated to each piece during its elaboration.

Like a plastic artist, the Cheese Master Affineur executes a series of actions making each piece an exclusive and individualized element. This is what Madrid cheese factory QAVA de Quesos and its Master Afinador José Luis Martín achieve.

QAVA & MARTÍN AFINADOR is a new store concept: a unique space designed to taste, learn, promote and buy cheese in Madrid, in the heart of Retiro district."

José Luis Martín is a key piece in the QAVA cheese factory. He has been working in the cheese world for more than 30 years, providing training throughout the world, visiting cheese shops, consulting and advising on the design and implementation of one of the most emblematic cheese shops in Spain. The fact of knowing the producers personally, and even advising them on the manufacture and design of their products, allows him to select specific batches, at different stages of maturation, to complete the cheese ripening and then convert each piece into a unique product, different and with its own distinct character, the signature of the Cheese Master.

In the profile of the Master Martín Afinador experience and pure knowledge merge. Martín Afinador is an advisor and consultant for artisanal cheese factories and product design, and for the best-specialised stores in the country, director of Gourmetquesos, director and coordinator of the Championship of the Best Cheeses in Spain during nine editions, technical director and jury in national and international cheese competitions and tastings, collaborator of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Academy of Spanish Gastronomy, director and coordinator of the cheese section of the Repsol Guide to the Best Foods in Spain and trainer for hospitality schools and food centres teaching, among other activities.

Cheese ripening is a complex process that requires time and dedication, in addition to a developed use of the senses. The Cheese Master Affineur, as a specialist in the field, works in all cheese stages (varied and complex), controls all stages of raw material transformation, supervises the evolution and development of cheeses according to the characteristics of each one of them, verifies the quality and the state when the cheeses arrive at their cellars, checks their care and conservation, and; finally, he controls its packaging and the type of wrapping suitable for its best preservation.

In Qava de Quesos they have two Cheese Refining Cellars. In these "tuning caves" or refrigerated chambers designed in constant conditions of temperature, humidity and ventilation, "we take great care of the cheeses until they reach their optimum point of consumption". The work of refining involves placing the cheeses on wooden shelves, turning them over daily and/or washing them frequently, brushing them periodically, as well as other regular handlings.

Among the services offered by Qava de Quesos, we can find specific courses and workshops, events for groups and companies, and advice on shop design and ripening rooms.