Natalia Alonso Arduengo retratada por Federico Granell

The critic and independent curator Natalia Alonso Arduengo will be in charge of the curated tour of Art Madrid for the second consecutive year, which, together with the Collecting Program, will form part of "One Shot Collectors".

Natalia Alonso Arduengo (1984, Madrid): Lives in Gijón and works between her place of residence and Madrid. She has a degree in Art History from the University of Oviedo, and she's a critic and independent curator. Part of her interests are oriented to art made by women and focused on gender aspects. In this sense, she has curated shows such as "Perséfone's Fugue" by Cristina Ferrández and Norma Desmond's Syndrome by Cristina Toledo. Another issue towards which she directs her work is living and how the contemporary subject relates to the environment. Under this theme, she was the guest curator of Art Madrid in 2021 with the project "El arte de habitar", which brought together, among others, artists such as Sandra Paula Fernández, Silvia Flechoso, Hugo Alonso and Guillermo Oyágüez.

She has worked for media such as the magazine "Tendencias del Mercado del Arte" and has been at the helm of the blog "Con el arte en los talones" for years, which has now changed to radio format in a program broadcast on RTPA's La Buena Tarde. Currently, she works as Liaison Manager for Arteinformado. She is director of ArteOviedo, a contemporary art fair held in the Principality's capital that brings together a selection of galleries from the region.

Mário Macilau

Breaking news, 2015

Pigmento inyectado

60 x 90cm


Every image is an artifice. This axiom of Román Gubern sticks in mind like the finger of the recruitment poster made by James Montgomery Flagg, which is the cover of Gubern's book entitled Iconic mass media of the late nineties of the last century. In his final chapter, dedicated to the electronic image, he outlined the future that was to come. Over two decades later, the presence and influence of images in our society are winning the battle of oversupply and over information, from mass media to self-media and the metaverse. The curated selection of works for ARTMADRID22 seeks to reflect on the ways of looking at and the ways of reading images, the subject's interaction with them, and the relationships and influences between them. How do we assimilate and rework images today? What look do we apply to multiform reality?



Grafito, carbón, acuarela sobre papel encolado a madera

130 x 97cm

The curated tour comprises twelve works from different disciplines, among which drawing and photography stand out. The artists that are part of this selection are: Catarina Patrício (Sâo Mamede), Mário Macilau (Galerie Alex Serra), Lantomo (BAT alberto cornejo), Beatriz Díaz Ceballos (Rodrigo Juarranz), Chang Teng-Yuan (Yiri Arts), David Delgado Ruiz (DDR Art Gallery), Juana González (Arena Martínez Projects), Aurora Cañero (Galería Kreisler) , Julien Primard (Galerie LJ), Jaime Sancorlo (Inéditad), Kepa Garraza (Víctor Lope Arte Contemporáneo) y María Treviño (Moret Art).

Estel Boada. Courtesy of the artist.


Art Madrid celebrates its 19th edition from March 6 to 10, 2024 at the Galería de Cristal of the Palacio de Cibeles. During the Art Week, Art Madrid becomes an exhibition platform for national and international galleries and artists. With the intention of creating a space of expression for emerging artists, our fair has joined forces with the Tara For Women Foundation, which, in its mission to empower and strengthen talented women, becomes a collaborator of Art Madrid's renewed Parallel Program with the Performance Cycle: Intercessions X Tara For Women.


Saturday - March 8 - 19:00h. Galería de Cristal of the Palacio de Cibeles.

They say that in order to succeed, a stand has to be well located, innovative, tidy, have a good, clean and clear image, we can't let it go unnoticed, it has to stand out from the competition, generate curiosity and space for personal interaction. Well, after 19 years, the perfect stand has arrived, he doesn't know it yet, but it has been an exclusive creation to stand out at the fair.

Performance of Pfff Historia d'una Fitball. Documentation. 2023.

His name is Stanley, he is 19 years old and he is... human.

Stand, by Me is a performance that wants to address the responsibility and the position of an art fair stand in an ironic and burlesque way.

"Stanley", our main character, created to live and die at the fair, doesn't know what the outside is, but he knows all about the strengths and weaknesses of this mobile architecture.

Unlike his family made of plasterboard, wood, glass and PVC, Stanley is human matter and therefore feels different from the rest. He tries to be like the rest of the stands: smooth, straight, monotonous, silent... But it is impossible, he has to understand that his strength is his uniqueness.

Through a corporal and vocal exploration, she finds the way to express herself and communicate with others, generating curiosity, empathy and humor.

Stand, By Me. Documentation. 2024.


ESTEL BOADA. Mataró, Barcelona, 1991

Estel Boada is a multifaceted artist who addresses past, present and future issues in an ironic and burlesque way. Trained in Fine Arts, her work includes design, drawing, performance, among others... After studying Fine Arts, she is interested in design, drawing, performance, space, collectivity and voice. Playing with humor, absurdity and trash, Estel always ends up talking in a burlesque way about her life as a frustrated diva. Her performances include "Kslkkda" (Virreina and Can Balaguer), "Vital el Musical" (Antic Teatre + NyamNyam), "Esperit de Clor" at MAC (Mataró), "El Hechizo" (Residencia #Ey!MAD), "De Kathedraal: historia de la construcción" (Nau Estruch) and "PERTÚ (la ofrenda)", awarded by BCN Producció-La Capella, among others. His performance "Stand, by Me" ironizes the responsibility and position of an art fair stand by personifying "Stanley", a human being in a context designed for material structures. The work highlights uniqueness versus uniformity in the art world.